Detail information of PPI "HPI000596"

Interaction40 S ribosomes  <==>  p53
Role & State        ---
Interaction TypeIT:0000050,disrupt; IT:0000068,transcription;
Biological ProcessBP:0006412,translation; BP:0042254,ribosome biogenesis; BP:0006412,translation of mRNA;
Biological Function        ---
Subcelluar LocationSCL:0000016,ribosome;
Detection Method        ---
Reference19287375_4, However, disruption of biogenesis of 40S ribosomes had no effect on nucleolar integrity, although p53 induction was mediated by rpL11, leading to the finding that the cell selectively upregulates the translation of mRNAs with a polypyrimidine tract at their 5'-transcriptional start site (5'-TOP mRNAs), including that encoding rpL11, on impairment of 40S ribosome biogenesis.