Detail information of PPI "HPI002364"

InteractionAFP  <==>  p53
Role & StateRS:0000078,repressor;
Interaction TypeIT:0000068,transcription;
Biological ProcessBP:0016446,mutation;
Biological Function        ---
Subcelluar Location        ---
Detection Method        ---
Reference10842185_7, Our data suggest that the mechanism by which HBx alleviates p53 repression of AFP transcription is through an association with DNA-bound p53, resulting in a loss of p53 interaction with liver-specific transcriptional co-repressors.
Reference18246041_16, No common molecular pathway of hepatocellular carcinogenesis was observed by examining AFP, beta-catenin, and p53 immunostains and no beta-catenin mutations or deletions were found.