Detail information of PPI "HPI075856"

InteractionU19/EAF2  <==>  p53
Role & StateRS:0000080,suppressor;
Interaction TypeIT:0000271,express; IT:0000045,co-immunoprecipitate;
Biological Process        ---
Biological Function        ---
Subcelluar Location        ---
Detection Method        ---
Reference19826414_0, Tumor suppressor U19/EAF2 regulates thrombospondin-1 expression via p53.
Reference19826414_5, Here, we show that U19/EAF2 can co-localize and co-immunoprecipitate with p53 in transfected cells.
Reference19826414_8, The above observations together suggest that U19/EAF2 regulates the expression of TSP-1 via blocking p53 repression of the TSP-1 promoter.