Detail information of PPI "HPI087968"

Interactioncyclin D1  <==>  p53
Role & State        ---
Interaction TypeIT:0000271,express; IT:0000081,infection;
Biological Process        ---
Biological Function        ---
Subcelluar Location        ---
Detection Method        ---
Reference10452682_10, These results suggest that cyclin D1 is expressed later than the alteration of p53 in the progression of human HCC.
Reference10452682_9, Simultaneous immunohistochemical study with p53 antibody in the same series of HCC revealed that 88% of the patients positive for cyclin D1 also expressed p53 and that in 91% of the patients negative for p53, cyclin D1 was not expressed.
Reference12845670_3, In our study, we screened HCCs resulting from HCV infection (51 cases), HBV infection (26 cases) or excess alcohol intake (23 cases) for alterations in genes involved in the RB1 pathway (p16(INK4a), p15(INK4b), RB1, CDK4 and cyclin D1), the p53 pathway (p53, p14(ARF) and MDM2) and the Wnt pathway (beta-catenin, APC).