Detail information of PPI "HPI103666"

Interactionp53  <==>  mutant p53 protein
Role & State        ---
Interaction TypeIT:0000271,express;
Biological Process        ---
Biological Function        ---
Subcelluar LocationSCL:0000010,cytosol;
Detection Method        ---
Reference10470182_4, We analysed the concentration of p53 in tumor cytosols of 34 primary advanced HCC and with the clinical outcome and survival time. p53 was analysed in the tumor cytosol by luminometric immunoassay (LIA) using monoclonal antibodies detecting wild type and mutant p53 protein.
Reference8381223_6, As measured by a specific radioimmunoassay, six of eight (75%) colonies randomly selected after mutant p53 transfections expressed the transfected mutant p53 protein.