Detail information of PPI "HPI103714"

Interactionp53  <==>  p21/WAF1
Role & State        ---
Interaction TypeIT:0000271,express;
Biological ProcessBP:0016446,mutation; BP:0007049,cell cycle; BP:0051318,G1 phase;
Biological Function        ---
Subcelluar Location        ---
Detection Method        ---
Reference15201954_5, The results showed that p53 over-expression is a reliable marker for mutational modulation of p53 function. p53 was negatively correlated with p21/WAF1 in hepatitis B virus-related HCC (p=0.024, r=-0.432).
Reference15327837_3, In Hep G2, saikosaponin d blocked the progression of cell cycle at G1 phase by inducing p53 expression and further up-regulating p21/WAF1 expression.