Detail information of PPI "MPI47652"

Interactionp53  <==>  SSAT
Role & StateRS:0000077,regulator;
Interaction TypeIT:0000122,upregulation; IT:0000114,activation; IT:0000078,regulation;
Biological ProcessBP:0007049,cell cycle; BP:0040007,growth; BP:0016049,cell growth;
Biological Function        ---
Subcelluar Location        ---
Detection Method        ---
Reference15888550_10, The distinct and sequential upregulation of SSAT, p21, and stathmin, along with biochemical activation of the polyamine catabolic pathway in IRI in vivo and the demonstration of p53-p21 upregulation by SSAT and putrescine in vitro, points to the important role of regulators of cell growth and cell cycle progression in the pathophysiology and/or recovery in liver IRI.